Sep. 20, 2007

Will Petras suffer the same outcome as Professors Mearshiemer and Walt? Customer Discussions: Review Comment Thread
The question remains, "Will Petras suffer the same outcome as Professors Mearshiemer and Walt?" At least Petras is an Emeritas professor but because I believe everything that he wrote in this extraordinarily brave, insiteful and prophetic book I fear for his safety. Yes--it is easily within the realm of possibility that bad things could mysteriously befall Petras in the next months, after the dust settles and the memory of all that he has written in this powerful book fades. I am not one iota surprised by all that Petras has written; the enormity of the threat posed by Israel and its Lobby in the United States has been maturing for the decades that I have been a student of world affairs. There can be no question about this statement regardless of the vociferous denials spalashed on every contradictory statement that ever appears in print or on the electronic media. How can there possibly be a resonably intelligent exchange of views and opinions about the world's most malignant cancer--contemporary Middle East affairs, when one of the major players uses any form of dissuation and disinformation to minimize that debate? The Power of Israel in the United States raises so many points germane to the current discussion about this most important area of the world. Obviously, of all that Petras writes, the expansion of Israel into what the Zionists call Greater Israel is the most important. When 9/11 happened I told Diane that America was protecting its parent state, Israel, because only the US was powerful enough to withstand the opinion firestorm that would follow an attack on Iraq. Nothing that I have read since then disaproves this original opinion. Petras agrees with the general idea in all of chapter one and speciffically on P. 25 and p. 28. I feel bad because I still have this childish notion that countries will not drop to the depths of evil but that what looks bad is just something I do not understand--how wrong Petras has proven that I was. On page 86, Petras solves one of the most puzzling events of this murderous assault on Iraq and that was the looting of Baghdad's national archaeological museum. This destruction of one of Western civilization's premier collections of our heritage ranks as a war crime of the highest order and I could not understand how even the incompetant American army could allow it to happen. Now however, after Petras explains what the invasion was about, all the pieces fall into place. I childishly thought that only the Nazi army in Warsaw and the Soviet Union called for the total destruction of the Slavic nation's intellectual and historical infastructure. After reading chapter six, I realize this evil is open to any players and I am ashamed. Poor stupid me; I guess I had better grow up. If you are not afraid, read this book: underline it, take notes about it but most importantly absorb it. It really is that important!

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