Sep. 3, 2005

Blacks "Loot", Whites "Find"

Seems there is a bit of a controversy over a pair of photo's taken of people wading through the water with "goods" in tow. The caption in one photo claims the white people found the stuff they had whereas the black people "looted" what they had. The photographer attempted to explain away the discrepancy by saying that the white people found there's just "floating by" and as such, he would have done the same. All fine and good of course, except for the fact that full bottles of Coke don't float. Anyhow, here's my response over on the message board:

The photographer says the white people, quote: "picked up bread and cokes that were floating in the water. They would have floated away anyhow." Full bottles of Coke don't "float by". They sink. Period. So they must have got them off the shelf. Period. So what we have here is BS posing as journalism.
The Great Deceiver

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Leo said...

I like your blog. Bush and his whole administration are a bunch of lying, conniving fools. Check out my blog if ya want. Take care.