Feb. 26, 2005

Bush ate a baby....by Ann Coulter

"Oh Baby"
by Ann Coulter

Well can you believe the latest tizzy the left has gotten itself into since it was discovered recently, that the President was discovered to have allegedly feasted on the flesh of an infant?
The liberal press has attempted once again to create a firestorm of controversy by taking facts out of context and twisting the story to suit it's own devious purposes.
All of this comes as no surprise, but it is still hard to stomach the manufactured outrage coming from a democrat party that we all know has no love lost between itself and infants.
These advocates of on-demand abortion and second chance contraception have suddenly, in light of recent events, decided that miraculously, they now wish to (gasp) defend children from those who would wish to dine on their tender young carcasses. Where were they when the battle over the Lacy Peterson law (making the willful destruction of a fetus equal to the crime of murder) was being fought in the trenches? I'll tell you where they were. Right smack dab in the center of the pity pot, as the federal courts decided that democrats would finally be forced to remove thier filthy child-murdering hands from the the money pot of abortion clinics and womens health advocate groups that council women to murder their babies. Make no mistake, they are hypocrites, one and all.
It is amazing how indignant the left has now become, now that they have realized what a political windfall they can reap from this overblown, overhyped controversy.

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