Feb. 26, 2005

"Hey Anne! Over Here! (Zzzziipp)

"Hey Anne! Over Here! (Zzzziipp) I have it on the authority of none other than the Mighty Rush himself, that the infant in question was the illegitimate love-child of Jeff Gannon-Guckert. The implications of such are clear. If such a child has come into existence, that would mean that Big Jeff is not homosexual, a circumstance that strongly implies that the whole Gannon-Gate scandal is nothing more than a liberal-media generated lie! Now surely miss Coulter, this accounting of the events sounds much more reasonable...much more to your liking than the version that has a HOMO running loose in your White House? And of course, whatever sounds best is indeed the fact because... after all...yours is the party that creates reality, right? So, uh...Anne? Gary Williams

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