Feb. 22, 2005

Oh, puhleeze...

As a Canadian who has more than a passing familiarity with all the gossip that having a monarchy as part of our heritage entails, it's my "expert" opinion that the story is nothing more than that----gossip. Fleet Street at it's finest.

To tell the truth, I'm a little surprised the story made it as far as this list, or at least as nothing more than the novelty piece that it surely is. As a factual story, it doesn't sound right at any number of levels, the least of which is that Georgie Boy desperately needs friends at the moment, and to snub the entire Commonwealth over the *scandal of divorce* is simply ludicrous. The White House has entertained more dictators than the Reichstag, and yet somehow a divorce is the end of the moral rope? C'mon....

Caitlin Burke wrote:
> Alexander Hellemans wrote:

> >>Well, to the British (and most other people)[...]

> > > "What's the story" also means "what, exactly, is really going on here > behind the scenes?" So I'm asking: Is this really a "policy"? How was > it communicated to the people who will be affected by it? I haven't > seen it reported in quite the same way in any US media, and I thought > there were still a few outlets left here who would have the humane > response to it.

> > It's obvious to me what the content of the story is, of course. I just > find it so offensive that I'm startled by it. Then again, I'm not > sure why anything the White House does is surprising anymore.

> > > Caitlin
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Anonymous said...

This is quite an abbreviation of the thread. The original post (from someone other than me) simply reported it straight, and my initial reply was asking whether this was for real for just business as usual for the Sunday Mirror since, as I had noted with other links, the related story was being reported differently and solely as a society piece elsewhere.

As for not rejecting it out of hand: the Bush Administration has done a lot of things that don't exactly win friends. I didn't go for the story as reported by the Mirror, but I still wonder if there was an interesting story of some kind there.

-Caitlin Burke