Feb. 21, 2005

Propaganda of US Military through our Schools

Propaganda of US Military through our Schools



The US Military has turned itself into the greatest tool of the US Weapons Industry, the largest and most lucrative business enterprise in the world. For this deadly business to remain successful, there must be struggles and wars continuously waged for the rest of this century. Its hand-picked politicians in the US government, while they speak of peace they promote war, while they speak of love and respect they promote hatred and disrespect, and while they advocate family unity and stress the sanctity of marriage, they do anything to disintegrate this unity and tarnish this sanctity of marriage both in this nation and overseas through threats, deliberate inflicted pain and death.

Saying One thing and Doing Another

Moreover, these political tools of the US Weapons Industry, while they speak of the sanctity of life before birth, they literally reveal no respect for life at all after birth, while they speak of the rights Americans have for a good health care system and good education for all Americans, they take money away from these two vital elements to pass them to the manufacture and sales of more and more weapons, while they profess faith in the God of love and mercy that Jesus preahced in the New Testament, they follow the inspiration of the God of hatred and revenge -- the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth -- that Jesus condemned in the Old Testament. "


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