Jul. 5, 2005

Another Break-In at Democratic Headquarters! (Watergate Anybody?)

Ok. We've got Karl Rove unlawfully revealing the names of undercover CIA agents. We've got a president who knowingly "fixed facts" in order get the people and Congress to go along with the war plans of Dick Cheney ( for profit) and his neocon advisors who want to dominate the world (PNAC). He did this against the advise of his own generals, men who were subsequently removed from their command (Shalikashvilli) for daring to voice opposition. They were replaced by men from the Bolton school of intelligence, that being that you only reveal information that is supportive of government policy, the dangers thereof be damned. Now this.....

Isn't it long overdue to start impeachment proceedings? At least ones that are taking place upstairs where they get to use the good china? This is after all, very much in the best interests of the United States Of America. It is patriotism to proceed against this administration before they drain the treasury and kill more sons and daughters of good Americans (note that none of their own kin are in combat)


Watergate Again? Another Break-in, More Computers Stolen at Democratic Headquarters in Ohio
Bella Ciao
Saturday 2nd July 2005 (17h07)

COLUMBUS - Thieves targeted the Ohio Democratic Party Headquarters this week, stealing a computer and a high-tech communications gadget belonging to party chairman Denny White.

Police said yesterday one or more burglars appeared to have climbed a wall Monday and crawled through an unlocked second-story window overnight at the party headquarters about three blocks from the Statehouse.

The break-in occurs at a time when the Ohio Republican Party is threatened by one of the largest scandals to hit the states government in decades.

Some Democrats also say the break-in is eerily similar to a burglary at the Lucas County Democratic Party Headquarters last fall, in which three computers were stolen.

Police, though, said it is unclear if the theft had anything to do with politics, or the investigations into investments at the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Until we find the person, there's no way of knowing that, said Sherry Mercurio, a police spokesman, who said investigators lifted fingerprints at the scene.

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The break-in occurred a week after the Ohio Democratic Party began airing a 30-second TV ad that links Republican office-holders with the states failed $50 million rare-coin investment with Tom Noe.

Lawyers for Mr. Noe, a Republican fund-raiser, have told authorities that about $13 million in assets are missing from the coin fund.

Jason Mauk, a spokesman for the Ohio Republican Party, said the state GOP had nothing to do with the break-in.

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