Jul 4, 2005

Rove (finally) going down?

Lawrence O'Donnel on McLaughlin Group: 'I'm probably gonna get pulled into the grand jury for saying this, but it will be revealed in Cooper's notes that it is Karl Rove who leaked Plame's identity'... Developing...

First thing I thought was GREAT!! But then I started thinking about the way this might play out regarding an impeachment of 'Bush and crew'. If an impeachment hearing is initiated, then Rove will of course be central to all kinds of information that will be necessary for the process. But with Rove indicted, he can claim all kinds of procedural issues allowing his non-compliance with giving evidence. The impeachment would possibly have to go on hold until the trial of Rove was over, and you know how long that could be. Fat little f**k will be dead of old age, nevertheless a heart-attack or something a little more excruciating.

Speaking of, what if.....what if the man developed a conscience?!!! Ohhh, the skeletons he must have in his closet. I think that could possibly be the most horrifying, the slowest and possibly the most agonizing death possible for him. Yeah....yeah. As unlikely a it is to happen, the very thought gives me enough pleasure to carry on....


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