Jul. 9, 2005

LA Times Already Excusing Rove

It appears that the LA Times has decided to back the White House (or Karl Rove...same shit) in it's effort to keep the outrageous level of vindictiveness it shows to those who don't to the party line. Check this out:

  • "Some people close to the case theorize that the identity of Plame was introduced to administration officials by journalists who might have known of her status and mentioned it in the kind of back-and-forth that is common in reporters' conversations with sources. Repeating such gossip, however unseemly, would probably not be illegal, legal experts say."

  • You got that? The LA Times thinks that Cooper or Novak told the government about the identity of its [b]own frigging agent![/b]

    Ahhh, I give up! How...why.....??? Just who in the fuck do they think we are ???!!!?
    I'm hoping that when this administration is exposed as the lying, cheating, deceitful bunch of pathological murders *for profit* that they are....that the reporters who have enabled them to keep up with this charade (for profit) are hauled away by their skinny little asses, up to the wall and shot like the traitors [u]to humanity[/u] that they are... a la Nicolai Ceausescu! C'mon! There's a sickness in the world today, and it is the mindless attempt of the corporations to meet the bottom line. It is an amoral pursuit in a world that is inhabited by people who depend on the morality of their fellows. It must stop.


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