Jul. 5, 2005

More Dirty Tricks

It seems that thieves targeted the Ohio Democratic Party Headquarters this week, stealing a computer and a high-tech communications gadget belonging to party chairman Denny White. Posters celebrating John Glenn accomplishments still hung on the walls of the headquarters, a portable stereo sat on a desk, and a few Sony Vaio desktop computers with flat panel monitors remained untouched. Yet items belonging to Mr. White; a Dell computer valued at $800, a flat-screen monitor valued at $250, and a $250 BlackBerry communications device, were the only items stolen.

So this is the score. The thieves left several thousand dollars in laptops, items that are far easier to hide and transport, in favor of a middle of the road PC with a big old lunky monitor. Why the monitor you wonder? Because they were ordered to take a specific computer, and for someone used to taking orders, the monitor was part of the computer they were told to take. The implication here of course, is that this is a conspiracy. Someone else gave the order to steal a specific computer because if the person who wanted the stored information were the actual B&E artist as well, he would have taken only the CPU.

Yup. Rove, DeLay y, Roe, the Downing St. Memos, no WMD'ss, Halliburton's missing billions, and the hundreds of times that this administration has been proven to have lied, altered documents, suppressed or distorted scientific reports on the environment, global warming, on the economy, the war, the elections, the assets of administration members as they regard *overt* conflicts of interest (Cheney, perhaps the most vocal advocate of the Iraq debacle, has had his net worth skyrocket as a result of the war), the humiliated or fired career analysts, military commanders or even dirt poor farmers.....

Look. This administration is evil to it's very core. Nixon was a saint compared to these guys. And the thing that makes me so damn angry is that we knew this guy was rotten from the start. We tried to tell others, but instead of listening, we were branded as traitors and told bullshit like "we didn't support the troops". Hey! We support the troops by not supporting a president who puts them in danger only so that Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld et al can pursue their dream of an "American Century". So Dick Cheney can line his pockets while the Christian Right can bring about the "end-times" by supporting the Israeli extremists in their fight to destroy the muslims Dome Of The Rock. In their warped thinking, this will bring about the "end times"....a time where they think we (progressives) will all go to hell and they will be raptured up to heaven. Yes! They are that fucking nuts! They will bring about a nuclear war , believing that they alone are safe because they "believe".

No. Wake up. You are killing yourselves to make these bastards richer. They laugh at you behind your back of course) when you teach your children that it is their duty to grow up and work for them, to not ask questions about whether a war is justified if the president says it's so. They laugh and they laugh and they laugh......


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