Jul. 3, 2005

US Torture of Jailed Iraqi Children

US Torture of Jailed Iraqi Children
Thomas Reutter
(July 5, 2004) -- Moderation Fritz Frey:REPORT has come across a totally unbelievable suspicion.

In Abu Gharib and elsewhere, children and youth have been incarcerated and mistreated.
Thomas Reutter reports.

REPORT:With tanks coming through the gate, US soldiers storm an apartment building looking for terrorists. Sometimes during such roundups the soldiers also arrest children. What happens to the children? About that the military gives no information. We investigate, as it happens, through informants.

One of them, who is knowledgeable about these things, is Sergeant Samuel Provance from US Army Intelligence. For half a year, he was stationed in the notorious Abu Ghraib torture-prison. Today, five months later, we meet with Sergeant Provance in Heidelberg.

His superiors have strictly forbidden him from reporting to journalists about what he experienced in Abu Ghraib. Yet Provance wants to talk about it nonetheless. Pangs of conscience plague him. He tells us about one 16-year-old, whom he himself had to lead away. "

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