Aug. 30, 2005

The Bolton-izing of Human Rights at the United Nations

In an effort that speaks volumes about what John Bolton sees his job at the United Nations to be, we witness his attempt to restrict the UN's efforts to see that no body or no group can get away with violating the rights of civilians anywhere for any reason. One would think that such would be a just and noble goal to strive for. Apparently the USA feels differently........ Mycos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daily Times - Site Edition: "Washington insists on inserting the words “by terrorists” in a paragraph that reads “We affirm that the targeting and deliberate killing of civilians and non-combatants cannot be justified or legitimized by any cause or grievance.” “We consider these changes of critical importance to ensure that the scope of this paragraph is limited to terrorist actions, and does not address military activities that are appropriately governed by international humanitarian law,” the Bolton letter said. "

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