Aug. 31, 2005

Croation Journalist On Hunger Strike NOW

CROATIAN JOURNALIST HUNGER STRIKE-DAY 6 Dear Friends, I am indicted by The Hague International Tribunal for war Crimes, because of the contempt of Court, as a Croatian journalist and publicist. In last several months I warned the Croatian Government and other relevant institutions that I don’t have financial resources to finance my defence at The Hague Tribunal, but they ignored that information. As I wrote, I don't have financial resources to finance my defence and in Croatia the political situation is not good for the journalists which are indicted in The Hague, so I cannot get any place to work, to write, and to earn my pay check every month. I am on the so called BLACK LIST OF JOURNALISTS. So I don't have even financial resources for my every day life. Now The Haague Tribunal refused to register my attorney Zeljko Dumancic from Zagreb, for unknown reasons. So now I am left without any legal assistance as the indicted journalist at The Haague. I demand from the Government of Croatia, as ex deputy Primeminister dr. Andrija Hebrang said that the Government secretly finance some of the indicted persons at the Haague, but the others don't have that privilege, so I demand that the Government of Croatia equally finance my defence. At this moment my rights are in danger, right to justice at the Tribunal, right to defence and legal help. They are breaking the rules of the Haague Tribunal Statute, the Government put me on the list of those indicted persons at The Haague which they are not to finance, for their own secret reasons. On Friday 26.8.2005., I started a hunger strike until the end. The Government is not respecting our human and citizen rights by strange and non-transparent financing of some indicted persons and not financing the others. I am put in an unequal position at the Tribunal and in the legal sense. Please ontact all Your friends, political persons, jorunalists, organizations and inform them about my appeal for help, about Croatian Government leaving me to hunger strike. I urge You again to help us, the indicted Croatian journalists at The Haague tribunal. Domagoj Margetic Journalist

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