Sep. 3, 2005

Cashing In On MIsery, Minutemen, RightMarch, etc

So far, I've noticed the most disgusting betrayal of Americans seems to be coming from those very groups who claim to care sop much about it. This is the clearest and best evidence that they care about nothing but their own agenda. That is of course to reshapes America in a way that forces the rest of us to behave in a manner which they see as respectable by their own standards, a concept that is entirely unAmerican , but one that continues to escape them completely. RightMarch has chimed in, blasting the RED CROSS, saying that no money should go to them but to their little group instead. :

The Red Cross even has a "Chief Diversity Officer" who saw to it that Hartman was FIRED when he politely, but firmly, objected to "celebrating" this "diversity." What the heck is a "Chief Diversity Officer"??? Is this the type of organization you want to give YOUR hard- earned dollars to? I won't -- especially when there are other groups that are desperate for our help, who are there on the ground giving relief AND God's love to all who need it. I know, there are a number of excellent Christian groups out there who are worthy of our support, and if you already have one in mind, PLEASE GIVE. My money is going to the Air Land Emergency Resource Team (ALERT). If the Lord is leading you to support ALERT's efforts, click below to make your donation now:
The Minutemen have done the same.
Due to the mounting crisis, U.S. Border Patrol officers are being shifted away from their posts guarding the US-Mexico border to aid in the Hurricane Katrina disaster, leaving our country vulnerable to increased trafficking by illegal aliens and terrorists attempting to enter the U.S. Our nation needs our help now more than ever, and we are prepared to serve honorably during a time of crisis. WILL YOU HELP? While we certainly encourage donations to worthy relief organizations, NOW is the time when we need help in order to "pick up the slack" as more than 100 U.S. Border Patrol Agents have been reassigned from Arizona and New Mexico to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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