Aug. 28, 2005

The dodgy underbelly of India's war on terror :Siddharth Varadarajan:

Half a world away and yet we see the very same problems taking place in India as we see with the police forces here in Canada.

Below is a very timely article and one that I hope will be widely read and deeply considered by the authorities here. I have watched with ever-increasing anxiety their efforts to set up similar forces here...ones who are able to act under a very similar legal framework. Their goals, although unstated as such, are beginning to remind me very much of the US "Patriot" laws, laws which I consider to have less to do with catching and convicting terrorists than they do with stifling dissent among law-abiding citizens. I also expect that these new laws, as well as those groups responsible for their execution, will be just as ineffective at catching terrorists as the Indian's are. Ironically, I have little doubt that they will be entirely effective at stifling our freedoms --- just as the US Patriot laws have done. Instead, we get "secondary" and petty behaviour such as we see with the Marc Emery arrest and indictment.

The dodgy underbelly of India's war on terror In their search for quick results, the police have allowed the real conspirators behind the terrorist attack on Parliament to get away. "

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