Sep. 30, 2005

Letter To Manhattan Institute Regarding Bennett And His Apologists

I watched with great sadness how your fellow Manhattan Institute "expert" on race matters tried to obscure the racist words of Bill Bennett. It was a very poor showing from someone whom you had apparently thought highly enough to have given this responsibilty. The attempt to alter Bennetts words from being those of a racist, expressing his opinion that if Blacks were aborted then the crime rate would go down, to those of someone who was only expressing a hypothetical, failed miserably. But then again, the task was momnumental. Bennett's words were clear. For Dr. McWhorter to have even attempted to try the angle he did gives me cause to think that his position as a Senior Fellow was granted using some other criteria than his common sense. What he failed to express during the interview on CNN was that *any* group of people who's population has been reduced, be it through abortion, war, disease, etc., will commit less crime. It is a statistical certainty. To be a little clearer about the situation, the crime rate among Venusians is extremely low. This should not be a surprise, yet the logic of that seems to have escaped both McWhorter and Bennett, as well as any number of news-anchors and pundits who, unfortunately, have been placed in a position to influence the minds of Americans. Given the mathematical certainty of the crime/population ratio as I have painted for you above, the question should then be; why did Bennett choose Blacks as being the group who's numbers, if reduced, would lead to an overall decline in criminal activity? The answer is clear. He equates blacks *in particular* with crime. This is racism. Mycos

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