Oct. 1, 2005

Century of Lies

Century of Lies for 09/30/05 now online, Dr. Robert Melamede, Biology Professor U of Colorado, discusses medical cannabis + Dr. Frank Fisher on the DEA & pain in America + Fed MMJ patient Irv Rosenfeld http://www.drugtruth.net/CenturyAudio/colmp3/COL_093005.mp3


Mycos said...
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Mycos said...

I wish I had taken down the particulars Dean, but the National News here (CBC) reported that pot has surpassed wheat as Canada's No.1 cash crop. And as I was saying, I wish I had taken down the particulars, because I think he said that it had tripled the monetary value of wheat, and I forget how many billions* this amounted to annually.

Now, when numbers start getting this high, I would think even the most conservative of politicians have to become cognizant of the impact on the economy this is having, and likewise, that an all-out assault on the "industry" might have thereby. I can tell you that I would love to be the fly on the wall during a few of the very "off-the-record" conversations that must be taking place in the backrooms right about now.

Dean Becker said...

Lots of neocons are going DOWN.

Head of FDA failed to address science, gone.
Asst Drug Czar flailed too often, asked to step down by B. Souter.
Head of Govt. appropriations, gone, to be indicted?
Frist family fiasco.

More to come I hope.

Fly in the ointment as well?

Thank you. Also heard the Canadians to try Marc Emery, max of 8 yrs vs life if extradited to US.

Still TBD, not definite yet, to my knowledge.