Oct. 1, 2005

Ontario Womans Murder should Be A Warning To Martin

Why Paul Martin seems so determined to follow Dubya's lead in modeling the world in the way that his PNAC/neocon advisors have been doing is made all the more ineffable when one sees the kind of world...the social world and it's behaviours that led to the creation of men who would dream up that way of wanting to model the world. Is this what he wants to import into Canada? Is this the world of the 21st century that Martin wants?....that the neocons have moved hell and high water to foist upon the world? Or is Martin just so naive that he doesn't realize that PNAC is what is happening in the White House as recommended social policy for the rest of the world? Is Paul Martin simply a wealthy fool like so many others who have no claim to elitism other than the dollars in their pocket? His actions of late give every indication of being so. Mycos~ News | canada.com network: "Ont. woman's final moments relived Last moment's of terror recounted in Ohio courtroom"

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