Sep. 29, 2005

Manipulating the Public Mind

Manipulating the Public Mind: Excerpt: "The major networks have consistently underestimated the size of anti war protests. This has been the case with every march on Washington that I have participated in. By deliberately under estimating its size the media gives the impression that opposition to U.S. militarism and America’s war on the poor and the working class is significantly smaller than they really are. "


hale said...

Several questions --

Are you suggesting that the news media are underestimating the crowds on purpose, or do you think it is due to their using inaccurate methods of estimating crowds? (That is, are they biassed or dumb?)

How do you know that your method is more accurate then their methods?

Can you substantuate that your statements are true?

Without substantiation, it's just a "he said, she said!" situation!

Mycos said...

I believe that it is a more subtle form of censorship. Corporations have in recent years, particularly under Republican administrations, been merging into huge entities with all kinds of diverse holdings and interests. Of course, different "news" can directly effect the bottom lines of these various enterprises and their "benefactors" in Washington. Editors who work for these corporations know that. They also know that prominent politicians and bussinessmen are likely to withdraw their advertising dollars and/or access to inside political scoops i.e "the dirt" on their political adversaries. Basically it's a game of "You scratch my back...". So these editors are under a kind of unspoken pressure to not rock the boat. And any smart, up and coming reporter knows that the lkelihood of stories being printed that do stir up trouble are not likely to be given the nod by these same editors, thus the stories tend to be less controversial to the status quo "powers that be". Certain stories --- like Katrina--- are of course simply to big to avoid.

Basically, bigThe news media has lost it's independence. It is now a big business like any business, and big business pays big money to get into bed with as many politicians as they can possibly afford to be in bed with. And if you're TimeWarner or GM,that is one hell of a lot of hanky-panky.

Keep your eye on the DeLay investigation. We are already seeing the "Swift-Boating" of the prosecutor in the case by the Republican smear machine.Watch how the media and the Republican smear machine interact here. It should be something for future college classes to study on the subject of running political interference using the media.

And if you want some opinions from journo's on what many are thinking about what is happening to their business, start loking into some of the discussions about Judith Miller and her selling of the Iraq War unquestioningly. She was going to be awarded a prize for ethics in journalism for going to jail rather than rat out her source, but then some closer looks were made and Miller is now considered a pariah by those writers who want to gain back their independence and integrity.