Oct. 1, 2005


This may be old news to many but I would like to remind people that nationalism is still alive and doing very well in many troublespots in the world, including of course the United States. Nationalism to me is best described as the unquestioning patriotism of someone to a particular set of borders, and/or to a leader of said country as long as those leaders are percieved as doing it for "Their country". This mindset is at least as dangerous as religious fanaticism and the intolerance that it breeds. I could go on at length about how very wrong it is to put something as intangible, as changeable, as negotiable as as mere borders ahead of human life, but the subject is one requiring some deep personal reflection on the part of the reader, and so is not suited to a "blog". Anyhow, on with the "My country, right or wrong" show..... Mycos~ "MILOSEVIC'S POLICE AND THE MASSACRES New revelations about the Serbian police involved in the Srebrenica operation. By Emir Suljagic in The Hague Bosnian Serb police documents obtained by IWPR in The Hague provide new details of how Slobodan Milosevic's police participated in the massacre in the United Nations 'Safe Area' of Srebrenica in July 1995. Belgrade's hand in the slaughter was first exposed two weeks ago when IWPR obtained from the tribunal a copy of an order from Bosnian Serb interior minister Tomislav Kovac ordering police units that included members of Serbia's interior ministry, MUP, to be relocated from Sarajevo to Srebrenica on July 10, 1995." cont......

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