Jul. 29, 2005

American Madman

You folks have got to see this. Here's a fellow who thinks that a photo of himself on a throne would be good for his idea of what an America wants in a leader. Hmmm....OTOH maybe so :D What I see however is a little Hitler in the making. And does he really think that this is what the war was about? To "capture" thrones? Obviously he hasn't been able to hire a competent political strategist yet, although you'd think somebody must have told him that this wasn't a particularly good idea.

And BTW, why does he assume those missiles are headed to America? Saddam had no long range missiles. Hell, his old soviet-era SCUDs barely made it any further than a good Barry Bonds slam.

At any rate, here you go. The next installment of "American Madman".


-May- said...

You notice he identifies the photo of himself on one of Saddam's thrones as being taken "just shortly after I helped overthrow his terrorist regime." That's a proud West Virginia boy for ya!

And I hate to drive any traffic to his "campaign" website, but it's worth a quick view, if only to ID the strategy (or is that strategery?) of a losing candidate's web presence. I'd bet the farm that Lewis' mother wrote most of the content, especially the bio. She just beams with pride for her little Hiram. She's apparently also into geneology; the whole damn family tree is there.

This guy doesn't have a chance against Byrd -- or anybody else, for that matter. Then again, I said that about Dubya & look what happened there..... TWICE! WTF is wrong with people these days?

Mycos said...

Yeah. I'm reminded of the London Daily Mirror(?)headline that had plastered in HUGE letters across the Frontpage,"How Can 56 million People Be So Stupid?" on the day after the last election of Bush. The English simply cannot believe it possible that after 4 years of the guy, anybody could actually like the guy nevertheless vote for him. And to be fair, the first 4 years could be due to a mistake. Campaigns lie. But the last election?? No excuse. Total mush for brains.