Jul. 30, 2005

Senate Approves Bill Protecting Gun Businesses

"It was a blistering pace compared to the usual level of legislative activity. 'We either do nothing or everything at once,' said Senator John W. Warner, Republican of Virginia."
Excerpt from the story at the NYTimes.

It occurs to me that perhaps this is part of the problem. If they took the time to consider each piece of legislation on it's merits, then the lobbyists wouldn't even consider padding the legislative bills with all that othr pork. It actually sounds as if Warner (above) is trying to make an excuse for why certain things get approval that otherwise never would. With this way of doing things he can say that everything was going so fast that there wasn't time to scrutinize every bill they way it deserved. OTOH, he can claim that the only timed they get to look at things and debate them when they're in front of the whole house. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. And on that note, it sounding more and more like the NRA is the modern-day reincarnation of the beloved Marie Antoinette


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