Jul. 25, 2005

Hey, Hey! What's going on?

What's going on?

It has always been my belief that Canada has been able to use its reputation as peace-keepers as a social and political entity that is powerful enough to moderate the U.S.'s super-power bluster to our own advantage. It is a role that has served Canada's capitalistic interests very well now for many years. So, given this, doesn't it seem strange for Martin to be so silent about Hillier's outburst regarding the Muslim extremists? Isn't he putting our citizens in danger of retaliation? Placing our citizens up as targets for the extremist wing-nuts? Traditionally, the US government has placed it's own citizens in the line of fire so that American corporate and military interests can be achieved while we can sit back and reap the economic benefits.

What? Not a very "manly" way to go about things you say? Yeah, well.... You tell that to the business and power players in Washington or Wall St.. You know the people. The ones who have never seen a battle-field? Or if they have, they pull every string they have to make sure that it is someone else's kids who do the actual fighting. No no. Canada has played the US as surely and as slickly as the US power elite plays it's lower class citizens. "Hat's off to Canada", I say. Well done mates ! So what the fuck is with Hillier's outburst and Martin's refusal to try to dilute his words? This, combined with Blair's refusal to admit the obvious about the latest bomb attacks over there, strongly suggests that they can't follow the "politics as usual" paradigm for some reason. Neither of them give any indication that they realise it's time to start putting some political distance between their government and Bush's increasingly obvious bullshit. Surely they must know this. So why aren't Blair and Martin following their domestic political agenda? Surely they aren't going to chuck their own political careers just to follow George Bush and his phony WOT into the history books as complicit in one of the all-time greatest moments in stupidity? Surely they don't want to take space in the same history books as the fool do they? Of course not. So I can't help but think that there is something more than the agenda of the Cheney corporate mafia going on. I seriously have to wonder whether the PNAC agenda has taken hold in our respective governments. It would explain much. It would also mean that our governments our being arm-twisted by the neocons. What sort of reaction from us, the citizenry would be required to put a stop to this is indeed sobering to think about. But "think about it", we must.....


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