Jul. 29, 2005

Head of Texas Minutemen quits, cites racism

And surely no-one is really surprised at this are they?

Hehehe..and I have to wonder how ol' Lou Dobbs at CNN is going to try to weasel his racist, xenophobic little ass out of this one. Should make for good "pundit-hunting" for the next few days, huh? ;-)

Texas Minutemen head quits, cites racism in group
National leaders say plans to patrol Houston still on

The head of the Texas Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has quit, saying he has been unable to overcome racism among members in Goliad.

National leaders say the resignation of Bill Parmley won't have any effect on the planned actions targeting illegal immigrants in Houston and other Texas cities this October. However, they also acknowledge Parmley was a driving force in organizing that effort. It was Parmley's idea to run operations in Houston targeting day laborers and the contractors who hire them. And Parmley, a petroleum geologist and landowner in Goliad County, bought the plane tickets to fly in national Minuteman leaders from Arizona last month to begin organizing efforts here.

Parmley said he has become concerned that some of the Minuteman activists in his region have a vendetta against the Goliad County sheriff, who is Hispanic.He asserted they also have made comments about shooting illegal immigrants or letting them die from dehydration.'That's their mind-set, and I don't want my name and my reputation associated with a group of people who are racist like that,' he said."


Steve said...

Racists in that organization? What a shock!

Mycos said...

Yeah, I can think of few, if any other organizations (legal ones that is) that seem to just scream out "Join ! You'll be in good company".

Oh yeah. I bet it just about brought tears to the eyes of some of these old dogs when they walked through the door and Lo and Behold!, there were all these old buddies he hadn't seen in decades....or at least that is, the ones he could recognize without their sheets on.

Anonymous said...

One's running for office now in California is it??