Jul. 28, 2005

MAF and their "Terrorist" painting silliness

I've been having a major go of it down at the Sacramento Union web-page over the Pearcy artwork. I suggest that some of you head down to the link and make your voices heard. As it is, it has been hijacked by the pseudo-patriots. It seems that their best argument is that a government building is no place for an art display. Of course, if it were pro-Bush, we wouldn't be hearing any of this nonsense whatsoever, but that point is never addressed. It always turns to more foot-stomping about the liberal press whenever Bush gets caught with his pants down.
Ohhhh if they only knew the number of things the media has given Bush a free pass on. They'd be stunned senseless.....er well...


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Bev said...

Go to the Sacunion newspaper online for a rousing good bunch of bullshit