Jul. 25, 2005

MAF Now Equates Art With Terrorism

At what point does it become obvious that these are fascists attempting to use the discord in America to raise their own profile?

Hitler went after "anti-German" art as soon as he took power and long before the concentration camps. That's essential to the way they start to warp minds. C'mon people.....This is hate speech. Treat it as such. Report MAF to the authorities in your area. They will likely do nothing for the time being, but it will set the tone for when the hell breaks loose. Tell the authorities now that you are a patriotic American and you are deeply offended by this pair of ghouls. If they aren't picked up soon, at least they will be on their proper, rightful lists when the shit finally comes home to roost for these criminals.

Ilse Koch(MAF) Says,

Fellow Americans,

This is one email you might want to print out. It's important, and I need you to read every last word.

>From Egypt we learn that the terrorists have struck once more, and again they have chosen to target innocent civilians - people whose only "crime" was merely trying to vacation with their families.

There is a reason the terrorists strike at vacation resorts, and at office towers in New York and underground trains in London. The terrorists' ultimate target is the civilian population of the free world.

They want to undermine our resolve and cause the people of the free world to capitulate under the threats of violence and through the tactics of intimidation and fear.

So, you can understand why it is that I am so offended when I see some misguided and vocal types protesting against our troop and against what our great nation stands for.

A perfect example of the type of people I am referring to is Steve Pearcy, a Berkeley, California resident who is intent on terrorizing the people of Sacramento with his obscene anti-American art. Pearcy gained national fame after he began displaying U.S. troops hanged in effigy from a noose on the front of his 2nd home - in Sacramento, California.

Pearcy maintains a BLOG where he describes those who support our troops as:

"...drooling, toothless conservatives gathered across the street from my home to hold their candlelight, faith-healing, vigilante prayer meeting... Next time, for the sake of my neighbors across the street, I hope that the bible-thumpers will remember to bring their drool buckets with them."

You may view Steve Pearcy's BLOG online here (warning there is a great deal of offensive content):


People like Steve Pearcy do the bidding of the terrorists... they work to undermine American support for our troops and the missions they serve: Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (in Afghanistan). The offensive behavior of people like Steve Pearcy helps invigorate the terrorists and make them believe that their efforts are working, that American resolve in the war against terrorism is waning - and thus the killing of innocent civilians continues.

But now things have gotten much more serious.

The California State Attorney General (California's highest law enforcement officer) has put up Mr. Pearcy's anti-American "art" along with anti-American, anti-military and anti-Christian works by other "artists" in the California Department of Justice building.

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