Jul 14, 2005

Climate Scientists See Intimidation in Letter from House Energy Chair

And while they're at it, what about assholes like this that seem to be taking their strategy right out of the Rove/DeLay playbook? Shouldn't they go too? Absolutely!
With any luck (or justice) the public will finally wake up from this 9/11-induced trance they're in and start demanding heads for that... Atrocity!.. that now resides in the White House. Hopefully, this will also include anybody or anything that even remotely resembles Rove. This guy certainly qualifies.....

Climate Scientists See Intimidation in Letter from House Energy Chair

Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton, powerful chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has created a stir among many of the nation's leading climate scientists over what they call an 'unprecedented' inquiry into their research.

In late June, Barton sent a letter to three scientists whose findings show that global temperatures have increased dramatically since 1900. [1] The letter calls on them to provide all the raw data that contributed to their research. Barton has also called on the National Science Foundation for a list of 'all grants and other funding' given for climate research.

Critics within the scientific community assert that Barton's request is a blatant political maneuver to discourage scientists from pursuing studies that might verify the link between global warming and human activity."

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