Jul. 10, 2005

Rove's lawyer acknowledges he was Time reporter's source

So "The Littlest Weasel" did it. There's now no doubt. At least this should make for a most interesting news run for the next little while, or at least for those of us who are fascinated at they way the White House and the media seem to be locked in thier incestous dance. Surely, like a brother/sister embrace, they both know it's wrong, yet the convenience of the affair, the guilty pleasure of fooling so many people so much of the time, and of course the money and power that's at stake all make for a remarkably interesting spectacle. Unfortunately, it is a dance not unlike St. Vitus' or the Tarentella. But this dance that predicts the death of the American Constitution.

The Rove White House is a remarkably irresponsible one, perhaps hinted at by the pure audaciousness of the dirty tricks that were implemented in order to bring this lot of rabble into power. Surely some of those tricks required a xcertain amount of "devil may care" brashness bordering on irresponsibility. The fallout if caught would have been horrific to any careers found to be in the general proximity of the guy. Also on that, I have heard too many pundits describe Rove as a genius for this little coup. Perhaps. Or perhaps it is just thart no-one could have foreseen, and thereby guarded against, the level of pure sleaze, the outright degeneracy of someone like a Karl Rove. When someone has no reason to suspect that another person has anything to gain by lying to them, it is no great achievement to fool or be fooled. There's no genius in that. And this man lies! He lies constantly!. These men have no moral compass whatsoever. I look at the history of the Bush family, the trading with Nazi Germany, the father who is a professional paranoic, and as such he finds a job at the top of the CIA. There the man uses his paranoia and information to get behind the curtain of the Reagan administration, and he comes out of Iran/Contra relatively unscathed. Now, you take this this line of genes and theb disdain for the poor into a package and call it George Bush Jr...... and you get a psychopath. His tenure as Texas Governor should have made that plain to most anybody with eyes as yet unblinded by the folks whose job it is to constantly wave them in the face of the independant thinkers and to constantly question their patriotism.

Now put that together with a moral degenerate like Karl Rove and you get exactly what you got. The death of the Constitution, of US sons and daughters, the outraqous pilfering of the public dollar by a an unrepentant and totally irredeemable Dick Cheney (C,mon! The man will do anything for a dollar. He is the corporate pyche come to life in the body of a man. He is the closest you will see to some kind of living undead creature).

No. Not until Bush and crew are removed.... not only from the White House, but from access to any of the levers of power whatsoever, America and the world at large will not be safe. It really would not surprise me to find out that Rove is, right now, trying to implement that will get him out of the public eye. Something really explosive! Something like nuclear war. Anything to save his ass. After all, that is the miond of the psychopath. Self-gratification purely. Nothing else is of consequence

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Top White House aide Karl Rove discussed a former US ambassador and his CIA agent wife with a Time magazine reporter, according to a report. The Newsweek weekly quoted Rove lawyer Robert Luskin as confirming that Rove was the source who gave information to Time reporter Matt Cooper under a pledge of confidentiality, and last week released him to testify about that conversation to a grand jury."


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