Jul. 10, 2005

London Bombs Seen as Crude:

.....yet at the same time seen as the work of international terrorist mastermind, OBL.

So they think that these folks who have been waiting, in readiness and anticipation for years now, have suddenly come out with a crude bomb. They've had years now to prepare this attack, mind you. Does that fit the "crude" bomber theory ? What it does fit is a bunch of people who have seen what is going on in Iraq recently and decided that they think it's an atrocity worth fighting against.
But Nahhhh! That would be too obvious. But more importantly, it doesn't fit in with the "justification for war" propoganda..errr.. excuses..errr.......uh...

London Bombs Seen as Crude; Death Toll Rises to 49 - New York Times: "LONDON, July 8 - Investigators have concluded that the bombs that ripped through three subway trains and a bus on Thursday were relatively crude devices containing less than 10 pounds of explosives each. That finding supports a theory gaining momentum among the authorities that the plot was carried out by a sleeper cell of homegrown extremists rather than highly trained terrorists exported to Britain."

Shit!!. How are the neocons going to counter that one?
They will! Don't leave the edge of your seats children. They'll have another episode shortly.....


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