Jul. 16, 2005

This is what freedom, liberty and democracy looks like

Now, not only one of our own soldiers, Leonard Clark, is in jail for dissent (they say it is because he is campaigning for the Senate, even though he has not even formally done so, and he is in Iraq fighting in a bogus war he does not believe in and probably writes his feelings to avoid PTSD)but now an Iraqi young man hasbeen arrested for his views/dissent.http://secretsinbaghdad.blogspot.com/

Riverbend of Baghdad Burning is right to keep her identity secret. Even the book she wrote did not reveal her identity. I have no doubt they are looking for her.

If you feel so inclined, write about it in your articles and get the word out to people so they can react and write or call. Whether you are liberal or conservative, the appropriate response should be anger. We arrest our own with trumped up charges because he dissents, and our example of bringing freedom to Iraqi makes it okay to arrest theirs for the same thing. Not that I believe they didn't have a little help from the Americans to do so, but even if they didn't, our example of bringing freedom and democracy to others is shameful.

Sharin Bowers

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