Jul. 11, 2005

Just Rove? Or A "White House" Conspiracy?

Finally, here's an analysis of the situation that displays an ability to look at the big picture, instaed of getting lost in the small world of one-liners, sound-bites and easy to understand matters of criminal behaviour that the media persistently push, here's somebody with an opinion worth watching. Read on. Follow the link in the story as well. Well worth the read as it contains a picture taken from an objective distance that will give a person an overall "of course!" paradigm in which to fit those pesky, previously unexplainable little factoids.

Rove's Leak Points to Bush Conspiracy
By Robert Parry
July 11, 2005

A key national security principle for dealing with top-secret information, such as the identity of undercover CIA officers, is strict compartmentalization, often called “the need to know” – which raises the question why George W. Bush’s chief political adviser Karl Rove would know anything about the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame."

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