Jul. 14, 2005

Tempest In a Teapot?

Hehehe...... Wonderful ! And yes, I believe this parsing and "It'll be over soon because nothing important really happened" is all alot of wishful thinking. There are most ceratinly a number of issues as yet to be resolved and any one of them could be explosive.

Among them is a distinct feeling I get that the CIA(at least some of the rank and file) have it in for this White House. Among several things that make it appear this way are that someone was able to tell Wilson that it was Rove who outed his wife. I base this on the fact that Wilson was able to say this shortly thereafter, knowing what the outcome would be, not only if he did it, but what a terrible fix he would be in if he was wrong.

This strongly suggests that he was basing the accusation on something more than a good guess about Roves track history of using this sort of "slash and burn" reprisal.

And there are other unusual things here, most notably the complete lack of any inquiry by the media, by the Dems.... by anybody. This again indicates that something extroaordinary is going on behind the scenes that we, the peasantry, just do not know enough about to be making these "fait accompli" statements with any authority. And why did Rove give Cooper permission to out him? That strongly suggests that there is far more to this picture than meets the eye. Miller? Who's she protecting now? Rove? Why? And why wouldn't he give Miller authority *if* that is indeed why Cooper now 'fess's up to who his source is?

No, the CIA has plenty to be pissed about with this administration, the least among them being the attempt to turn the analysts into Bolton-oid "Yes sir, No sir" jellyfish. You think their happy about be rolled into a ball with some other wingnuts down at Homeland Security? Tenet served his duty and was rewarded in fashion, but you note that he left his post as well. Perhaps both at his request? And lest anyone think that no-one would fight back against the Presidency out of matters like turf or pride, how quickly you forget about Mark Felt.

No, there may well be lots of extremely brilliant fireworks yet to come. To put it another way, "You ain't seen nothin' yet...."

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