Jul. 17, 2005

Just A Bull-Shitter Rather Than A Pathological Liar?

Oh dear..... Yes, I know it's an old story, but it still seems fascinating ( albeit in an increasingly morbid way) that Bush continues to lie so blatantly.
But here is another take that might explain this most enigmatic of mysteries :D .

My own bullshit detector has been on high alert over the past two weeks, and I know what set it off. First there was President George Bush’s speech at Fort Bragg on June 28, in which he outlined America’s progress in his so-called 'war on terror.' Then there was the manner in which the Canadian media – or some of it, anyway – responded to last week’s bomb attacks in London. I appreciate that these are tense and troubled times, but all the same it might be helpful to clear the air of its recent farmyard stench.

Addressing an audience of assembled soldiers and military officials, Bush reasserted the two-pronged message from which he’s rarely deviated over the past two years – namely (a) that there is a direct link between the 9-11 terrorists and the regime of Saddam Hussein; and (b) that despite any or all appearances to the contrary, U.S. plans for post-Saddam Iraq are actually progressing on schedule."


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