Aug. 2, 2005

Bush Indictment??

For the time being at least, this will go in the "wishful thinking" column. But in any case, it is thrilling just to see it "in print", as it were.
Having said that however, there is little doubt as to the spirit of the article being accurate. History will certainly record the fact of the matter at least as regards the administration officials. Where exactly Miller and Matalin come in.......I don't know. It's this last that has me thinking that perhaps we are seeing a pundit war rather than a factual matter.


A Chicago grand jury has indicted the President and Vice-President of the United States along with multiple high officials in the Bush administration


David said...

Oh...only 1259 days left?!?

Too bad. Boy does time fly when there's a good President in office!

Now for real:

I'm not sure what all of this is about, but it seems to be some kind of ploy.

Show me the facts.

Anonymous said...

My question is, without further corroboration one way or the other, it should be mentioned as well that the federal attorney in Chicago or whatever one calls the government's on-scene lawyer in Chicago has been approached for comment and said "No comment". If it were utter hogwash wouldn't one think that they would've been quick to quash it by saying ,"It's utter hogwash" but they didn't, they declined to comment one way or the other.