Aug. 5, 2005

Rumsfeld: Britain attacks not tied to U.S. alliance

Why does CNN even print this stuff? Of course Iraq is a reason why many of the Jihadists attack the West. They've fucking said so in their own words! I mean, if someone is going to blow themselves up and a second before they do so they call out "America out of Iraq!" I'd take them at their word that they're pissed at Western intervention in Iraq.

Sure, the leadership may wish to attack regardless, but then they grew up having other problems with the West. And don't you have to ask yourslf what there were barracks in Beirut to blow up in the first place, don't you? How about the Cole? What was it doing in the Middle-east? Just on a cruise? How goddamn stupid does Rumsfeld think people are that he can come off with his trademark, con-man patter and think no-one will notice that he's perhaps the most practiced liar of the bunch......and that's really saying something

The United States and its allies did not provoke the terrorists; the terrorists attacked America,' he said. 'There was no war in Iraq or Afghanistan when America was attacked on September 11th. And there was no war in Iraq or Afghanistan when terrorists attacked the Beirut barracks in 1983, in the Khobar Towers in 1996 or the African embassies in 1998, or when they attacked the USS Cole in the year 2000.'"

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Alan Hope said...

He does it because it works. Sad to say, a lot of people are more than
willing to open their mouths and swallow whatever bullshit is being
fed to them. You saw it with the Iraq-9/11 connection. You saw it with the "they envy us our freedoms" analysis. In other areas, how many
people think evolution by natural selection is "just a theory"? How
many believe in angels again?

And I remind you, as if you need reminding, that Rumsfeld and his
bunch were re-elected for a second term. There's clearly some mileage
in retailing unspeakable bullshit to a population of fools. I imagine
the temptation to push the envelope must be irresistible at times.
What do they have to say to go too far?