Aug. 3, 2005

Yes Virginia. Treason is a hanging offence

If any of this turns out to have even a scintilla of truth behind it, then I can only say that the journalists who feel any kind of loyalty to Miller, albeit as a fellow journalist or even a personal friend, then they are deeply and seriously misguided. Rather than grieving for her in her "time of need", they should be calling for the scraggly little skank to be indicted for treason.

If we can identify one catalyst, the one vector that has allowed this group of greedy, power driven pukes in the White House to sell their agenda to the electorate (the only process whereby they can legitimize and thereby make it possible to conduct their plans) it is to be found with the members of the media. It is they who have been granted the grave responsibilty to ensure that the American people are not sold a package that enables little Hitlers-to-be to enjoy the fruits of their designs. This is a serious mandate and an absolute responsibilty.... and one which Miller has apparently used to her own ends. I'm reminded of some little crack-whore would use members of the public's innocent belief that what she said was the truth because they had no reason to suspect otherwise.

No no. Dump her. Let her reap even half of what she has sown. Mycos
Daily Kos: More About Judith Miller: "Jamie Macaskill, for example, filed a story in The London Sunday Mail on July 20, 2003 entitled: Dark Actors Playing Games: SUICIDE scientist Dr David Kelly warned a friend that 'dark actors' were working against him just hours before his death. Dr Kelly revealed his fears shortly before killing himself after being dragged into the row over the Government's justification for war in Iraq. In an email to American author Judy Miller, sent just before he left his home for the last time, he referred to 'many dark actors playing games'. But, according to Miller, Dr Kelly gave no indication he was depressed or planning to take his own life. He told her he would wait 'until the end of the week' before deciding his next move following his traumatic appearance before a House of Commons select committee... In fact, Judith Miller apparently knew David Kelly rather well. She had quoted him in several of her earlier articles going back to 1998, and according to the Globe article referenced above, Kelly had helped her write her book about Weapons of Mass Destruction published several years before. One would have thought that Miller would have regarded her relationship with Kelly as well as her contact with him just before his death as 'scoop' material. Instead she failed to let her readers even know that she had enjoyed a long and close association with him. Even more odd, she left out the provocative e-mail he had written her just prior to his death while writing about a more innocuous one sent to an 'associate.' I find Miller's behavior in the Kelly story rather odd, to say the least. Unlike the Plame story, Miller did ultimately write about Kelly, but she camouflaged her own involvement and left much of what she knew out of the piece. I can't pretend to know what role Miller played in the Plame saga, but I am now wondering whether she is being looked at as a possible accessory, rather than as a journalist who.....

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