Aug. 4, 2005

Insurgents Using Bigger, More Lethal Bombs, U.S. Officers Say - New York Times

You would think that the NYTimes would be a little more wary about presenting to the public even more articles wherein the military, and/or the paper itself is once again doing a propaganda job on their readership.
You will notice in the excerpt below that they report the existence of "a cell" of individuals who are using this new tactic. Why a "cell"?. Because to say it is a cell is to say that it is a small and isolated group. Inherent in that is that they pose less of a threat than if this tactic were one adopted by all of the insurgency, something that would clearly alarm the public and have them and the soldiers thinking twice about exactly what the fuck they're doing over there fighting against men who are resisting them as an occupying army.

No. Once the facade has fallen away from this administration and the cover that they operate behind destroyed, then the NYTimes (and others) have made themselves a target for indictment. Towards that goal, I would very much like to see a group of concerned citizens set up a database containing as many possible of these observations like the one I point to here. It will be an effort to lay the groundwork for the possible indictment of the NYTimes and other Miller-like journalists (and I use that designation guardedly).

Insurgents Using Bigger, More Lethal Bombs, U.S. Officers Say - New York Times: "Military personnel involved said the attack last month indicated to them that a new and deadly bomb-making cell singling out American patrols was operating near the large allied military base at the airport, an area that two officers said had seen little insurgent activity in months."

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