Aug 3, 2005

Judy Miller: Do We Want To Know Everything or Don't We?

Here's a very interesting taker on the Plame/Rove/Miller affair. It's also one that I personally don't have any qualms about voicing either. Whether or not Miller outed Plame or not, she knowingly led the drumbeat to war with false information. As such, she belongs where she is. And when she's done there she can take her place in the docket alongside Bush for his war-crimes and Cheney for his war-profiteering this whole sad mess.

And it is one sad mess that this world is now being subjected to. If only they would start to get even a bit of a clue, read even a fraction of what we know to be indisputable lies. How we got.....Achhh! It just makes me so goddamned mad that people can be led like such stupid little sheep, never questioning the people who are laughing in their faces.

Judy Miller: Do We Want To Know Everything or Don't We?

By Arianna Huffington, AlterNet. Posted July 29, 2005.

Is the jailed Times reporter a heroic martyr or White House stooge?

Not everyone in the Times building is on the same page when it comes to Judy Miller. The official story the paper is sticking to is that Miller is a heroic martyr, sacrificing her freedom in the name of journalistic integrity.

But a very different scenario is being floated in the halls. Here it is: It's July 6, 2003, and Joe Wilson's now famous op-ed piece appears in the Times, raising the idea that the Bush administration has 'manipulate[d]' and 'twisted' intelligence 'to exaggerate the Iraqi threat.' Miller, who has been pushing this manipulated, twisted, and exaggerated intel in the Times for months, goes ballistic. Someone is using the pages of her own paper to call into question the justification for the war -- and, indirectly, much of her reporting. The idea that intelligence was being fixed goes to the heart of Miller's credibility. So she calls her friends in the intelligence community and asks, Who is this guy? She finds out he's married to a CIA agent. She then passes on the info about Mrs. Wilson to Scooter Libby (Newsday has identified a meeting Miller had on July 8 in Washington with an 'unnamed government official'). Maybe Miller tells Rove too -- or Libby does. The White House hatchet men turn around and tell Novak and Cooper. The story gets out."

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