Aug. 4, 2005

Pressure getting to Novak?

Well, isn't that special......

Bob Novak, who knew that he was going to be asked about his editorial outing Plame and apparently agreed to the raising of the issue, obviously had second thoughts about doing so. In a moment reminiscent of the old Crossfire days, James Carville poked Novak by insinuating that he was pandering to his conservative base with regards to a topic they and the guest had just been discussing. But then, out of the blue Novak suddenly blurts out "That's bullshit.." and pretends to storm of the stage, thereby avoiding having to answer anything "on the record" as it were.

Yup, That tells me that Novak has lots to hide and he's getting awfully nervous about when he's going t h ave to say it!


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