Aug. 2, 2005

Canadian sovereignty already lost?

With the recent arrest of Marc Emery, a Canadian citizen whom the US accuses of selling marijuana seeds to US customers, I have to wonder if Canadian sovereignty isn't already gone. I'm quite serious and here's why.

Last spring we had cops from Texas up here practicing how to bust Canadians. Seriously! it happened. Now we have the RCMP doing to Canadians what Canadian cops won't even do themselves, which is to bust people for pot seeds. As well, when Gen. Hillier shipped off to Afghanistan to do the US's bidding, he made some remarks that were so full of bluster and outright chest-thumping that it embarrassed so many politicians that Minister of Defense Graham was forced to address the problem at a press conference.

And then there's the matter of the US, the UK and Canadian leaders all simultaneously and quite suddenly using the words "religious extremism" in place of the traditional "War on Terrorism". What this last means with regard to their position on the whole thing, I've not yet determined. But what it almost certainly does mean is that at least these three leaders have been in very close contact with each other discussing how to best implement the propaganda effort. Now, there is no way in hell that all three just happened to change their wording so dramatically and simultaneously by coincidence. That just won't fly.

So what the hell is going on? Has there been a sort of silent coup already? Has Bush threatened to nuke anybody who doesn't fall into his view of the world? Or more precisely, the PNAC view of world domination? Sounds outrageous, but nothing that administration would do surprises me any more. They have repeatedly proven themselves to be the extreme of the extremists. Unfortunately, they've been able to do it simply by keeping the stupid and gullible of the world sufficiently blinded with patriotic fervor and and/or fear with the constant *war on terror* hyperbole. I dunno.... I think we may be in deep trouble already.


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