Jul. 18, 2005

BSC Cover-Up In The Works?

How about the timing of this, huh? In the news recently there were reports of BSC-infected cattle in the US. It made a minor kerfuffle, even though there were people warning about a cover-up of similarly affected cattle more than a year or so ago. I think I even blogged or told the group about this several months ago now.

But in any case, now that the cats out of the bag, I can't help but be cynical about the reasons why they would suddenly want some Canadian cattle back in the US food chain. It occurs to me it would make for some great cover in any lawsuits that might be pending as a result of people coming down with the human form of BSC in future.

Breaking news from CBC News Online:


  • Agriculture Canada has confirmed that a truck carrying live Canadian cattle crossed the border from Ontario into the United States on Monday morning, after a ban of more than two years was lifted. You are currently signed-up for CBC.ca's Alerts newsletter.

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