Jul. 21, 2005

Comcast IS censoring Political Content Regarding Impeachment

Upon investigation of this claim, I received the following from a truly freedom loving individual (in contrast to the pseudo-patriots over at Lump on a Blog*, and the other Freeper-type mad dogs)

*The guy banned me as a "spammer" for simply disagreeing with him! An example of a real American, eh? Now you know what your fighting for (and against)
I called Comcast yesterday, as I was looking for a Downing Street meeting in my area (Western Missouri). I was perplexed because I knew my Congressman had signed the Conyers letter, but no meeting was showing up. I am on the elist of my Congressman, as well as the dot.org that "Comcast must not let pass".

Prior to the reference made at the web site that can't be mentioned, I received a notification from Conyers office of the trouble, but not the cause. Other lists had made posts as to the reason prior to my receiving the post from "the Bright Mail fingered web site".

After receiving the email from "ADS.org", I called Comcast locally, going through the unfriendly telephone tree. I spoke to a customer service representative because no one would answer a call directed to "public affairs" as I asked. Stopped cold, I told my story to the guy at he customer service desk. Sounding like a guy who handles collections and flaky complaints all day, he was skeptical at first, and asked for details of my complaint with Comcast. In short, I gave them to him, particularly the "AxxxxDxxxxxxSxxxxx.org" web site, telling him I thought that Comcast was interfering with my First Amendment rights and asking who the Bloody Hell Comcast thought they were to do that. I told the rep to Google the name of the site and "Comcast", which he did. When the Googled list came up, his skepticism disappeared. He even began to ask questions as he began to read the memoranda. I told him "You probably deal with screwy calls all day. This is not one of them. You're using Bright Mail filters, no? This is quashing of dissent. The Town Hall meetings are scheduled for Saturday. Currently, eight are scheduled. Without this communication gap, the intent was to have eighty".

Then he asked more questions as he continued to read, spending about five minutes on his browser. He then sent himself an email through the Comcast office system. He waited, then waited some more. Finally, he asked for the spelling again and sent another email. about that time, the first one came back to him as a CC: and he told me.
I asked, "Was it longer than it should have been?" He replied, "Seemed like it."
At that point, I was left to read his inflection, which had changed. Hoping he had just had an epiphany, I said, "Well, you should look into this. But it might be better to do so on your own time, from another machine. But, I think you understand the implications. The better informed citizens are, the better protected they are. Good Luck!"

And we then parted telephonic company. Though I don't expect Comcast will come clean to the average citizen calling and complaining on the phone, hopefully they take note. If it was not, indeed, happening, I think this guy's job was to set me straight on anything that was cockamamie. The fact that he did not "correct" my allegations, asking questions instead, confirmed for me that the email from AxxxxDxxxxxSxxxxx.org is accurate.

All of that, in a FWIW.

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