Jul. 23, 2005

Government Defies an Order to Release Iraq Abuse Photos

This is priceless.....

"He rejected arguments from the government that releasing the photographs would violate the Geneva Conventions because prisoners might be identified and "further humiliated," but he ordered any identifying features to be removed from the images."

Ohh, *now* the Geneva Convention is a big deal!

And where have we heard that excuse trotted out before ? Every goodamn time something goes down in a dommestic prison where the guards are at fault they pull this shit out of their asses and foist it on a receptive public.

Damned hipocrites.....

But the big picture sounds good to me. Wasn't this where Watergate started?

Hey. One can hope.......

Government Defies an Order to Release Iraq Abuse Photos

Published: July 23, 2005

Lawyers for the Defense Department are refusing to cooperate with a federal judge's order to release secret photographs and videotapes related to the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal.

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