Jul. 18, 2005

Gay Terrorist Training Tapes???

Yeah. Sounds weird.......Do inquiring minds really want to know more?

Heheh....Stay tuned. I'll hunt around for some details. See if this pans out to something or is a complete wash.

from the NY times, July 18


All I know is most viewers were skeptical and I have no idea where the tapes are, or indeed, if they are even real

    In a videotaped confession of Sheik Zane in Erbil, Iraq in the Kurdish area, the sheik says he and his recruits beheaded, shot, blackmailed, raped, and engaged in gay sex for a decade
    The Sheik claims he ran a training program to create ruthless killers for Islamic terrorist groups.
    The recruits are shown engaged in gay sex, and beheading victims
    The gay sex tapes were used to blackmail recruits into obedience

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