Jul. 21, 2005

How We Got Here

Over on Lump On A Blog, Lumpy says;

    For those who counsel a restrained response I have to ask myself: Would they feel the same way if they awoke tomorrow to country in ruins, on the verge of anarchy; a collapsed economy; one million dead, and their own lives and the lives of their children forever altered? Would they beg on the behalf of Islam for restraint? I doubt it.

Does he really think that in the aftermath of some real devastation that people won't do some real hard thinking? That they won't finally come around to the realization that the corporate driven, blind profiteers of corporate America that has enraged so many in the world (and *NOT JUST THE MUSLIM FANATICS*) is what got us where we are?
Your damned rights they will!
And unfortunately fanatics like Lumpy seem to be hell bent on pushing it to it's fullest extreme. Woe (or a brain) become these men before we all have to suffer the blowback due their their greed and ignorance.......


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