Jul. 21, 2005

Lump 'O (pending.... ;-)

Since the lump won't allow any kind of reply on his own blog, something so typical of the right, of Bush and of Rove (remember what they did to Wilson?), I'll have to add this here. I urge others to go over and get themselves flagged as "spammers" (yes!). Coming from them, it's a great honor :-)


You assume so much. First, why do assume I have done nothing? I have been aware of the threat to Western civilization from religious extremism for my entire adult life and have openly and repeatedly warned against it. But instead of heeding mine and many, many others advice, the fool Americans go and elect one of the stupid SOB's president! Second, as you have now probably guessed, I am not an American. I am a Canadian who is repeatedly reminded about the American predilection for thinking they are at the center of the universe, just as you have done now. But finally, as I was saying, do you really think that in the aftermath of some real devastation, something you and America have not yet had to deal with on your home soil, (likely the single most important factor leading to the kind of ignorance about life in the rest of the world that allows you to make such utterly absurd statements)..... do you really think that people won't do some good, hard thinking once this happens? That good men and women won't finally come around to the realisation that the corporate driven, blind profiteering of corporate America that has enraged so many....in so much of the world is what has got us all where we are? Your damned rights they will! But unfortunately a deadly combination of ignorance and fanaticism like Lumpy, Bush, the Dis-Honorable representative and the the Islamofascists all display seem to be hell bent on pushing it to it's natural outcome. Woe (or a brain) become these men before we all have to suffer the blow-back due all the the greed, ignorance, religious fanaticism.


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